Fight your way to the glory


Discover how to play and earn

Road to Glory is a Play to Earn game in which players collect barbarians and engage in fights to be rewarded.
The majority of the game is located on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

  • Obtain barbarians with various rarities and perks
  • Chose the arena you wish to fight in
  • Select your opponent, but be smart!
  • Earn your $RTG rewards
  • The best barbarians will allow you to fight in the best arenas and earning you the most

Main game mode

Fight in the Arena, test the skills of your Barbarians and gather $RTG as a reward

You will be fighting against real barbarians, owned by other players of Road to Glory.

Chose your Arena wisely, as you shall find a demanding challenge requiring the best barbarians for the highest arenas. But, have faith: the rewards of the best arenas are worth it.

Earn your rewards

Road to Glory ERC-20 token


The Road to Glory token, also named $RTG, is the main currency of the game.
Use it to expand your barbarian team and try to get the perfect barbarian that can open you the doors of the best arenas.
You will be rewarded with the $RTG token, located on the BSC blockchain.

  • Fully located on the BSC blockchain
  • No fees on transactions to ease players buyins
  • Fully security audited and certified
  • Limited supply, with half fully dedicated to the players

Dojo release
RTG Marketplace!
Trophies activation
Barbarians upgrade
New skins

Q2 2022

VIP mode
Dojo upgrades

Q4 2022

Q1 2022

Listing $RTG
Barbarians presale
Barbarians public mint
Trophies distribution
Game release

Q3 2022

New Arena+rewards
New rarity: Gods

Q1 2023

Secret new Game Mode

Team of the project


Head Marketing


Game designer


Community Manager


Graphical designer


Blockchain, front-end
& back-end